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  • Hydroponic Grow systems gives out the best yeild, helping plants grow faster and healthier.

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The most user friendly hydroponic grow systems in the market. With the latest app control, keep a close watch on your greens. Grow with scientific precision for the high quality yield. Get  freshly harvested, pesticide free produce.

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The Kitchen Garden

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The Flower Room

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  • Save Time

    Make your grow futuristic, our state of the art hydroponic methods make sure to supercharge your garden and deliver harvests up to 40% faster.

  • Save Money

    Grow with maximum effeciency. Our systems use minimal electricity and water. Growing your own has never been cheaper.

  • Live View

    Real-time tracking. Track your grow and monitor your plants, anywhere and anytime, at the push of a button.


What warranty does Hydro provide?

We offer 1 year warranty and service on all our cabinets.

How many plants can be grown in a cabinet?

These cabinets support the hydroponic as well as normal pot growth method. If the plants grow in the pot the it clearly depends on the size of the plant. However the hydroponic method uses a hyrdrobucket and net pots which come is numerous sizes from 6/8/10/12. So the number of plants can be according to the hydrobucket's size.

How much yield shall I expect and how soon?

Hydroponic growing methods are generally controlled. As the nutrients and light is provided to the plants according to the requirement, the plants have a faster and huge yielding rate. Its normally 30-35% faster than outdoor farming.

How much electricity does the cabinet consume? and how long do I need to keep the current flowing?

The electricity consuming parts in the cabinet are the LED lights, water pump,oxygen pump and fans which do not consume huge electric numbers and is also reasonable on your pockets. The amount of time for the plants depends on the type of plants you grow. On an average a hydroponic growth requires 18-20 hours of light and 4-6 hours of darkness. So the lights in the cabinet can be turned off for 4-6 hours.

Does the cabinet make a lot of noise?

We use silent motor fans in our cabinets for intake and exhaust outlets. These cabinets are literally noiseless and the fans keep the internal air well circulated and your plants healthy.

Does the Grow room produce odour?

No. All the GreenCherry cabinets are fitted with activated double carbon filtration system. Eventually your house or garage is just going to smell like it should be. These cabinets are completely odourless.

How often I need to change the water in a grow cycle?

You will need to change the water every 8-10 days depending on the type of grow pattern. If you choose the hydroponic method you need to change once in 10 days and if you go with the normal pot style, you will need to replace the water every 5 days (if you water everyday) as it has a water reuse technology.