Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil instead, using minerals nutrients solution in the water-soluble. It takes less space & saves water. If you are thinking about getting a hydroponic garden then you should consider some factors like space, cost & the amount of time you will be maintaining the process. Hydro Cabinets have total control on climate, temperature, air-light, etc. hence you can grow food all year long. 

Another advantage of hydro-cabinets is that the plants are grown in a small space utilizing the location and space well. Generally, roots of plants are spread across the soil in search of oxygen and nutrients but in the case of hydroponics, the roots are inside a tank full of oxygenated solution and necessary minerals. 

Hydrophonic plants grow faster than in soil because we can set conditions that are required to grow a plant that has been pilled up in the hydro cabinet. Less space is efficiently used in hydroponic growing getting all the required minerals. Automated control over the cabinet makes it quite easy just like a breeze. 

While growing a hydroponic plant, you need to keep a track of the pH level, ppm (parts per million) and the temperature.