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Use MasterGrow plant growth lamp ,we have delivered the most powerful and reliable, truly full-spectrum plant LED grow lights! Provides (sun-like) lighting to your plants.

Specifications :
LED Type: Epistar LEDs
Dimension: 310*210*60mm (12.2x8.27x2.36inches)
Power:300w(100pcs*3w, just consumes about 100w-110w power)
Full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stage: 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm)
(It is hard to see clearly by eyes, very dim.Please don't think they are not working. Instead, it plays an very important role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.)
Coverage Area: about 3.0 x 3.6 ft(The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments.)
Lifespan: >50,000hours
Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v
Working Frequency: 50~60Hz
Modular Power Cord

Using tips
Lighting Time setup: Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours on;

Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours on.

Fruiting Stage: 7- 8 hours on.
Suggest distance above plants: 1.2-2m 

Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture.
The working environment is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.
To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.
Don't touch or move when the light working.

Package includes:
1pcs MasterGrow 300W LED grow light
1pcs free power cord
1pcs free hanging hook.(Easy Installation)